When God Says Go:

Turn Your Storms Into An Unshakable Relationship With God, Leaving It All Behind.

If you’re in the market for life-changing advice for professional and personal growth based on concrete experience, When God Says God is for you! This new guide will show you how to survive and thrive in business and forge a path toward success in every area of life.

Award-winning Entrepreneur Dr. Velma Trayham cites the grace of God as the catalyst for her success, and she wants to share the secret of embracing your own “go” moment so that you can move toward the destiny God ordained for you. She shares how she used times of crisis to elevate .. that became her personal “go” moment, and she then offers tips on how to

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You’ll also read about the “go” moments of other entrepreneurs and business executives, and you’ll find inspiring, real-life prayers that will change how you get up and go toward your own professional and personal purpose!



This is a remarkable book! If you feel like giving up. This book will steer you to follow God and you will be where you need to be to flourish in this life. There are also bonus prayers tailor made for you if you do not know what to pray in certain circumstances. I recommend this book to anyone who is after the direction of God and the benefits of doing so.

- Derek McClanahan

Great read


The book When God Says Go: Turn your storms into an unshakable relationship with God, leaving it all behind by Velma Trayham was a very enjoyable book! This is a motivational book that's full of scripture and explanations of what we need to do while waiting on God to move. It's very easy to understand and really encouraging.

- Karen J

A book that will help you get closer to God on another level.


The beauty of this book is that it's universal. Whether you are a beginner or an advance in your walk with God, there's something not only to learn but to apply as well. As you read the book, you will find yourself wanting more for your life and to have a closer relationship with God that will bring you to another level. You could tell that this book is written differently because it was lead directly by the Holy Spirit.

- Aisha