Dr. Velma Trayham

Award-Winning Marketing Expert

Dr. Velma Trayham is a successful entrepreneur, a distributor of Kingdom Wealth and CEO/Founder of Thinkzilla Consulting Group. Her most valuable skillset lies in her ability to rapidly conceive innovative marketing and branding solutions for businesses seeking to increase their market share.

Velma believes that successful leaders such as herself have a duty to share their knowledge and facilitate the success of others. To that end she strives to ensure that each business she coaches builds upon the three pillars of social impact, community engagement, and diversity. Recognized nationally as a thought leader in the marketing sector, Velma’s coaching walks executives through building a powerful personal brand and engaging in thought leadership.

Powerhouse Clients

Her message of resiliency and faith, realized by her personal experiences of “failing forward, fast,” resonates with an audience of emerging entrepreneurs and industry giants alike. Leveraging this connection has been a key driver of her entrepreneurial and consulting victories, highlighted by her achievements working with powerhouse clients such as BET, NASCAR, and the University of Phoenix just to name a few.

Velma devoted herself to helping other women achieve success, prosperity and freedom. To that end she started The Atlanta’s Millionaire Mastermind Gathering, an exclusive woman Business Resource Group. The Millionaire Mastermind Gathering is her way of giving back to the community by helping women tackle the challenges of adversity, fear and poverty. 

Velma’s personal and professional achievements have not gone unnoticed, and through the years she has been awarded:


  • 2019 Atlanta Business League Top 100 Women of Influence
  • 2019 Top leadership Award by International Dream Team Academy
  • 2018 Small Business of the Year by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner
  • 2018 Top Marketing Agency in Atlanta Award
  • 2017 Texas EMI Award Recipient
  • 2017 Black Heritage Honors by Ebony Magazine