Dr. Velma Trayham


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As one of the world’s most renowned businesswomen and highly sought-after motivational speaker, Velma Trayham is a dynamic personality and Business leader in professional circles for Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, startup entrepreneurs and community leaders from all walks of life. Velma’s mission is to end poverty through entrepreneurship.

Having been born into poverty, Dr. Trayham understands the realities associated with growing up poor. That’s why she has devoted her life to helping other women achieve success. Her best -selling book titled When God Says Go represents her philosophy on life and her commitment to being of service to others.

To date, Dr. Trayham has mentored more than 5,000 minority women business owners in the past three years. She has also developed programs for notable fortune 500 organizations and enterprises such as University of Phoenix, T.D. Jakes Enterprises, Fiji Water, Country Financial, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company, Blaylock Van, LLC amongst others and was recently featured in Forbes November 2020 issue as a top business consultant.


I’ve seen Velma in a room with over 250 people, and we were all empowered and ready to conquer life while learning some of the best leadership strategies. 

She has great advice, is a fantastic speaker, and her stories and lessons are relevant to every person in any audience.

Jonovan Stephens

Country Financial 

Best speaker at the conference, no contest. Hands down . . . Dr. Velma Trayham. If every business enterprise in America had a Velma Trayham on staff, doublespeak and baloney would wither and die in short order.


Conference Attendee

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation. Energetic, to the point, and very real. Thanks! You were the best speaker of the day.

Kathy Mills

Senior Program Manager

Best keynote speaker ever at US Black Chamber. Only presenter I didn’t tune out!... This one made the conference for me – thanks!

Thanks for the feedback formula. It will give me steps to take when I’m back at the office and I have to deal with conversations that are tough to have. ... Dr. Trayham was a fantastic presenter; engaging and passionate about her subject matter. ... She had great examples of ways to apply her concepts in business & personal life.

Great “how to” presenter. Please ask her back!

US Black Chamber

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