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Keynote Speaker

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Velma is a frequent Keynote Speaker at Business Associations, Corporate Gala’s, Large Seminars, Women Tours and Christian Organizations encouraging audiences to live their dreams and not to let failure become a state of mind.

Velma has had two jobs in her entire life and for the past 13 years she’s  been busy building companies of her own and companies for many of her clients from zero to a $million+ turnover each. As the founder of ThinkZILLA PR & Consulting Group she  have helped literally hundreds  build their own successful companies and realize their dream of running their own mini-empires. Living the dream.

Velma Is An Experienced Presenter/Speaker

Velma offers business empowerment sessions, professional and personal development tips and share experiences that have launched industry leaders toward success. You too can learn how to “go”—and “grow”—with Velma. If your event attendees are in the market for life-changing advice based on concrete experience, Velma Trayham is the speaker for you! Velma will show how to survive and thrive in business and forge a path toward success in every area of life.


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