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Discover a taste of what we’ve been working on,
and have been preparing for you this year…

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In this new blog you’ll discover four of the best businesses and career paths for 2018 and beyond…

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Heavenly Investment Group just completed this gorgeous renovation in Atlanta. We can’t thank our team enough for their fast and quality work. We took this $68k home, and made it over in just 60 days. It was just listed for $200k.

See more pictures & find out how to buy it…

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Have you ever read something that changed your life? Something that opened your eyes and mind to a new way of looking at things, that really helped you? ‘When God Says Go’ is my story. A dive into my journey, the struggle, and the Go Moment. It’s been inspiring many others to make the leaps they’ve been destined for.

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2017 was an amazing year for getting the word out and connecting with business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs around the country. We’ve already kicked off 2018 with some incredible events.

Check out:


Photos from recent meetups on Instagram

Clips from our recent investment property tour

News coverage of the Free Mastermind Program to Help Entrepreneurs

Real Estate Investors Meetup

How to join the Atlanta Christian Business Women’s Meetup

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We have been so blessed in being able to deliver such great returns to our private investors. Beyond the money and financial abundance it has created for them, they have been able to participate in helping distressed property owners, and provide healthy, quality housing to families that really need it.

Learn more about partnering with us on investments

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Already have a successful business or event you are growing this year? I’d love to work with you to add even more value, and uplift more individuals to life out their purpose!


View recent awards and keynote topics

Check out the award winning marketing & branding service

Ask me about hosting a Lunch & Learn session for your team and clients

Get in touch today, let’s make even more amazing things happen in 2018!


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