We are excited to have many partnerships with Church Leaders around the world. Can we count on you to partner with us? Will your church be the next tour stop?

The “WHEN GOD SAYS GO” Empowerment Book Signing Tour is led by Christian marketing expert, author and real estate investor, Velma Trayham. The tour has inspired church-goers and members of local communities to embrace their “Go Moment,” that moment that God says to each of us to move on to our dreams and life’s missions.

The Empowerment Tour is focused on helping attendees to see this moment and move forward. “When God Says Go” is a book that speaks to everyone, everywhere, regardless their place in life , or what they have experienced. This message is attracting national attention and awareness.

How Will Your Church Benefit

> Maximum exposure – via Tour marketing, PR, radio and social media outreach (Free Marketing)

> Ministry donation (Fundraising) – $3.00 from every book sold at your church tour signing will be donated to your ministry

> Empowered members are happy members – The tour creates a word-of- mouth BUZZ for new members to attend and current members to gain passion and momentum

> Your partnership is solving a HUGE problem – Many people are stuck. They aren’t attending church because they feel worthless. This tour will connect with those who are lost and seeking the blueprint to overcome obstacles.

> Opportunity to step outside the box – Bringing the Red Carpet, along with local media to broadcast live during the event. Members of your church will have the opportunity to feel like stars by walking the red carpet. We are happy to mail you a physical copy of the book or CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE A KINDLE VERSION

I would love to join you at your church to speak to the congregation as part of our national Empowerment Book Signing Tour.

Please email velma@velmatrayham.com or CALL: 888-509-1141

About Velma Trayham:

Velma Trayham is the CEO of Thinkzilla PR & Consulting Group. She devotes a lot of time helping faith leaders grow their churches and manages marketing strategies for major events. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and works across the southern United States. More information is available at www.ItsThinkZILLA.com

Partner With Velma Trayham
Lucrecia Salie

“I have read the book it is amazing!. It was like Velma is talking directly to you without her knowing your situation or life. This book will trully move your life for the better. As I was reading the book it made me feel refreshed and I could feel the presence of our Heavenly father.”

Lucrecia Salie

Sarah Boyd

“Velma is a very knowledgeable business person. I have learned so much from her in such short period of time. I have learned how to structure my business legally and how to build my business. Her coaching is invaluable. She is the best.”

Sarah Boyd