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When GOD Says GO

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Velma Trayham | Marketing Consultant

Inspiring national speaker, Award Winning Business Expert, CEO, and author on a mission to empower over 1 million entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders to reach their maximum potential. Velma Trayham’s personal story and the success she has helped others achieve is the outcome of living courageously, refusing to give into life’s challenges, living for a higher purpose, and dedicating herself to serving.

Awards & Recognitions

Featured in Rolling Out Magazine, Atlanta Live TV, Fox 54, Fox 26 Houston Black News, and many more. Author of ‘When God Says Go’, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bookstores Honored by Texas Black Women’s Expo and speaking to thousands of women Honored at the Houston Black Heritage Festival receiving proclamation by Mayor of Houston Humanitarian award winner.

Keynote speaker at the 2017 Reclaim Your Destiny Conference Founder of the Atlanta based, Real Estate Profits, Business & Intelligence Meetup Responsible for 100% growth in just 12 months for both for-profit and nonprofit ventures.

Businesses & Missions

CEO of award-winning ThinkZILLA PR & Consulting Group

CEO of real estate investment firm Heavenly Investment Group

Founder of the Atlanta Christian Business Women’s Meetup

Education & Projects

Velma received two Bachelor degrees from Texas Southern University, in business, as well as her Masters in Business/Corporate Communications from the University of Houston. Produced the biggest comedy event during Super Bowl week in Houston, to benefit local nonprofits. Worked on Bishop TD Jakes’ Destiny Empowerment Book Seminar, and have helped nonprofits achieve 100% growth within 12 months.

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