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We all need inspiration. As well as being an inspiration to her fellow Christians, Velma has already shared her book When God Says Go with many congregations, women’s groups as well as doing live webinars while building the “GO community.

About Velma Trayham
Velma Trayham

Read Velma's inspirational story that inspired her to author the book When God Says Go...

When God Says Go is the triumphant story of Velma Trayham, an award-winning publicist, marketer and social media influencer who, in an increasingly secular world, has consistently and quite boldly cited her Christian faith as the foundation of her entrepreneurial success.

In 2016, Trayham had a record-breaking year, boasting tremendous business and revenue growth, earning six figures, While the world watched via social media and various media outlets, she helped to launch careers and business, made numerous red carpet appearances, and shared stages with some of the country’s most buzzed about celebrities and business and faith leaders.

But simultaneously, and outside of the spotlight, she was facing overwhelming personal battles, including a difficult divorce and the betrayal of friends. And God was calling her to break with everything familiar and embark on both a journey across the country and a spiritual pilgrimage.

She Embraced Her Go Moment...

Not without consternation, she answered that call. She jumped into her car and began to make the nearly 1,000-mile trek from Houston to Atlanta with her son. She embraced her “go” moment, opened her heart and mind to new experiences and recommitted to listening fervently to God, as he ordered her steps away from everything that she’d known. She was obedient – at first.

But in a break from following the instructions that God had so clearly given her – in an effort to further her business, and driven by ambition – she found herself in her car on a busy Atlanta-area road, spinning wildly out of control after literally being hit by a semi-truck. Trayham’s car was completely totaled. She was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Trayham’s life was spared and by the grace of God she was without any major injuries. But the impact of the accident provided her with a newfound clarity and consciousness. She was finally ready to embrace the “go” and move forward toward the life – and career – God destined for her. As a result, Trayham’s business has expanded and is now a multi-city enterprise. Her client base and revenue have mushroomed. And most importantly, her story is helping to sow seeds of success in others seeking favor and victory in business and in their personal lives.

Author, Speaker & PR Expert...

Velma Trayham is the CEO of Thinkzilla PR & Consulting Group. She devotes a lot of time helping faith leaders grow their churches and manages marketing strategies for major events. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and works across the southern United States.

Born in Houston, Texas, Velma graduated from Texas Southern University with a master’s degree in Business/Communications. She became a successful businesswoman through hard work and a drive to succeed and had already written books on how to make money in business when an accident changed her life.

Her near-death experience set about a change in the way she conducted herself and led to her writing on a completely new subject. Her new book, When God Says Go, reflects this new way of thinking.

Velma also acts as a mentor, helping those less fortunate whenever she can. She lives by the quote ‘you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want’ and firmly believes that you get back what you put into the universe. It is this way of thinking has turned her into the person that she is.


Her generous acts have seen Velma attract several public accolades, including being named as one of the “Faces of Black Houston” and as a Stellar Leader by The Lighthouse Church. She has also been recognized by Worldwide Branding as an honored Executive of Who’s Who Nationwide and was featured on the cover of “Texas Oil & Gas Magazine.”

When she isn’t working Velma enjoys shopping and travelling. She loves to meet new people, continues to grow her huge social media following and works out in the gym so that she can keep enjoying the food she loves.

In the future she hopes to continue with her mission to help grow churches, to become the number one PR and business expert for churches and to provide hope to those who have none. She also intends to do much of her book signings in churches across the country, rather than in traditional bookshops.

When God Says Go